Everything starts when the trucks filled with the best quality oat kernels that are cleaned, peeled and dried reach our factory. Now, it is milling time.

Mixing Water

In this step, milled oats are mixed with water, resulting in a soft porridge-like mixture. This helps liquefy oats easily to create the drink we all love.


Next, the oat and water mixture is sent to the enzyming tank. This is where all the magic happens. Here, natural enzymes break down the oat starch into ‘simpler’ sugars, giving the product a natural sweetness.


Now there is some insoluble stuff and we don’t want that. So, in the filtration tank, these are separated and we retain all the natural, healthy stuff along with our filtered oat base - did we hear a hurray?!


We now need to add some ingredients to the oat base. This includes rapeseed oil and minerals, giving it all the right nutritional balance to convert it from oat base, into oat milk.

Heat treatment

We heat-treat the oat milk prior to packaging with pasteurization to extend the shelf life. One last thing is to ensure that all the liquids mix properly, for which, the oat milk is passed through a homogeniser. This sometimes reverses and that’s why our bottles read - “shake well!”


Our oat milk is then bottled into beautiful, recyclable and reusable glass bottles, ready to be sent to you as soon as possible. Isn’t it nice when things work out?

As tasty,
as it looks.