As good as
it gets.

It's important

All the legal stuff and obviously the most important, MRP and manufacturing date is on this side of the bottle.

We're proudly Made in INDIA!

We're talking Oats!

With no preservatives or added sugar, we're just the right step towards healthier dairy alternative.

We use Rapeseed oil to add fat, and guar gum to get the mouthfeel, and have zero lactose.

We source the highest quality ingredients and create our milk using a process that we have perfected over the past one-year.

We're transparent!

For a reason. Some settlement is normal as our product is natural with no preservatives, it tends to settle down a bit, but not to worry, just shake well before use.

Every bottle sold is a huge win for our planet as we believe in our sustainable approach, and no animals were harmed in making this product.